How to Create a Free Email Account

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Accessing your Faire Labor employee portal requires an email account. Don’t have one? That’s ok! Creating a free email account* is easy. Below are instructions for setting up one of the following email accounts:

  • Outlook
  • Gmail (Click to jump to Gmail instructions)

*(Please note that the use of the third-party software links on this website is done at your own discretion. Faire Labor is not responsible for or Gmail email accounts or their setup. Although the instructions below were accurate at the time of this publication, they may change at any time. We will do out best to update them.)

Creating an email account

  • Go to
  • Tap the “Create free account” button. screenshot

  • Enter the email alias you would like to have before
  • Tap “Next”

outlook create account screen

  • Create a password
  • Tap “Next”

outlook step 3

  • Provide your name.
  • Tap “Next”.

outlook step 4

  • Enter your birthdate.
  • Tap “Next”.

outlook step 5

  • You will be asked to solve a simple puzzle. This let’s Microsoft know you’re not a robot.
  • You will solve the puzzle on the next screen. Tap “Next”.

outlook step 6

  • You will be asked to tap on the picture of a specific object. In this example it is the picture of a penguin.
  • Once the correct picture is selected, you will be advanced to the next screen automatically.

outlook step 7

  • You can choose whether to stay signed into your outlook account. Tap “Yes” or “No”.

outlook step 8

  • That’s it! You’ve created your free email account.
  • You can access your account by clicking “Sign In” at, or by downloading the Outlook app on your Apple or Android Device.

outlook step 9

Creating a Gmail email account

gmail step 1

  • Choose “For my personal use”.

gmail step 2

  • Enter your First and Last Name
  • Create a username. This will be your email alias before
  • Create a password.
  • Tap “Next”

gmail step 3

  • Enter your phone number (Google will send you a text message with a code. This is for security)
  • Tap “Next”

outlook step 4

  • Enter the code Google texted you.
  • Tap “Verify”.

gmail step 5

  • Optionally, add your phone number to your gmail account.
  • Optionally, add a recovery email address (this would be another email account you own).
  • Enter your birthday and optionally your gender (to learn more about the data Google requests, click the “Why we ask for this information” link.
  • Tap “Next”.

gmail step 6

  • On the “Get more from your number” screen you can click “Skip” or choose Opt-In.

gmail step 7

  • Google will display it’s Privacy and Terms information.

gmail step 8

  • Tap “I Agree”.
  • That’s it! You can now access your new Gmail account at or by downloading the Gmail app for your Apple of Android mobile device.

gmail step 9