Solve Warehouse Turnover with a Happy Workforce

How a Happier Workforce Can Solve Warehouse Turnover

What’s the #1 reason light industrial workers leave their job?


Recruiting and hiring is a big investment, so when a worker leaves for a $0.25 hourly increase, it hurts. Not just your morale, but your productivity and revenue too. It means more recruiting, more onboarding, more training, and, if you don’t solve the problem…more turnover.

You might think, “I’ll just increase wages a bit to retain more workers.” That can work, at least for a little while, until the warehouse next door does the same.

Faire Labor has a better way: create a happier workforce. One that’s loyal, dependable and has no reason to leave. Great pay is important, but it’s not enough. That’s why we offer our associates:

  • Health insurance including dental and vision.
  • PTO so they can enjoy time with friends, family and pursuing the things they love.
  • Flex-work schedules that offer work-life balance
  • Ongoing recognition and career-advancing training

If you’re tired of turnover and losing talent to wage wars, contact us. A happier contingent workforce by Faire Labor is ready to support you today.