a step by step guide

Please follow the steps below to access your 2022 Faire Labor W2. 

Step 1: Click on the menu

faire labor mobile homepage

Step 2: tap "Employee"

employee menu

Step 3: Tap the Employee Portal login button

employee portal buttons

Step 4: Enter your email address and password.

This should be the same email address you used when you registered with Faire Labor.

portal login screen
What if I don’t remember my registered email address?
  • Contact your Faire Labor Account Manager, or tap the button below to request help.
What if I receive a “Wrong email or password” error message?
  • Go back to the portal login and tap the Forgot Password button. You will receive an email with steps for resetting your password. Need help resetting your password? Tap the button below to watch a video on how to reset your password.
What if I receive a “Oops, your email was not found…” error message when trying to reset my password?
  • Tap the button below to request support.

Step 5: once logged in, Tap the dashboard menu.

portal dashboard menu

Step 6: Tap the Pay History menu drop down.

pay history menu

Step 7: Tap the W2 button.

w2 button

Step 8: Tap the download button for your 2022 W2.

w2 download button

Still unable to access your W2? Click the button below to request support.

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