5 Tips for Warehouse Safety During COVID-19

Warehouse safety during COVID-19 is your biggest priority. Without proper safety procedures, you risk the health of your workforce as well as the continuity of your business.

Here are 5 strategies to keep in mind when evaluating your warehouse safety procedures.

Update PPE Procedures

Warehouse PPE like goggles, hardhats, steel toe boots and hi-vis vests are standard items. But going forward, latex gloves and masks will be considered essential safety equipment. These items are critical for workers that have personal contact. Update your safety procedures to include best practices for disposable PPE.

Disinfect Wearables and Handheld Equipment

Wearables and handhelds are essential to the operation for your warehouse. In a COVID-19 environment, however, they are a potential danger if not disinfected properly and frequently. Make sure you have updated safety procedures for keeping wearables and handhelds clean. If these items are shared, disinfecting is critical. To prevent the risks introduced by sharing, when possible, dedicate items to individual workers.

Schedule Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing Services

Supplement your own sanitizing procedures with commercial cleaners that specialize in warehouse disinfection. This will ensure your warehouse stays properly sanitized without placing all the burden on your internal staff. Faire Labor provides these services and can guide you a deep cleaning strategy. Contact us to learn more.

Disinfect All Equipment

Besides the more obvious handhelds and wearables, you need to make sure all equipment is regularly cleaned and disinfected. From forklifts to flexible conveyors, take inventory of all equipment and have a system in place for keeping it safe and sanitized. Equipment areas include:

• Conveyors
• Storage Equipment
• Docking Equipment
• Packing Equipment
• Lifting Equipment

Stay Connected to Best Practices

One of the best ways to keep your warehouse and your workforce safe is by staying tuned to expert information and best practices. Here is a good resource from the The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC).